PA Power Switch – Choosing Your Electricity Provider

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In Pennsylvania, most homes and businesses have the power to choose their energy provider. This was made possible by utility deregulation. The state Public Utilities Commission created PA Power Switch, an online tool to help consumers find options and compare rates for electric suppliers in their area. While this website does offer a comprehensive list of providers, it lacks important details about hidden costs and fees. To better understand the available pennsylvania electricity rates, and to make an informed decision, consumers should check out Choose Energy for more information.

PA Power Switch was developed to coincide with the state?s energy deregulation and is a free public portal meant to educate homeowners and business owners on their electricity choices. In addition to its rate comparison portal, the site provides a library of resources and offers helpful tips for choosing an electricity supplier and reducing energy consumption.

To utilize PA Power Switch, energy consumers can simply enter their ZIP code and then browse a range of electricity offers from different suppliers in their region. The site also enables users to easily compare the various rates and plans by comparing factors such as price, contract term, renewable energy options, customer reviews and additional fees. In this way, customers can select the best option for their home or business.

When shopping for a new energy supply plan, it is vital to keep in mind that the supplier only provides the electricity generation portion of your service. The utility is still responsible for transmission and distribution of the energy. This is why it is crucial to review both the supply and distribution portions of your bill. In addition to the rate comparison portal, PA Power Switch also offers a library of resources and tips on selecting an electricity supplier and saving on energy bills.

The PA Power Switch rate comparison portal allows residential customers to view a diverse list of electricity offers from providers in their area. Consumers can also find out more about the various services and perks offered by each supplier, as well as sign up for a plan instantly. This is a great way to start taking control of your energy supply.

PA Power Switch has a few drawbacks, including its lack of a customized offering for business rates. While it is easy for home and business owners to navigate, there are many other online tools that offer more customization and tailored rates. By evaluating the rates, contracts, additional fees and customer reviews on ElectricRate, customers can confidently shop for the right plan.

Pennsylvania based business owners can take advantage of electricity deregulation by switching to a new electricity provider and lowering their energy rates. The PA Power Switch rate comparison portal is a good place to start, but for the most competitive rates, businesses should conduct their own online research and look beyond the one-size-fits-all rates provided by the site. This will ensure that they are getting the best deal and maximizing their savings potential.

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